Sue Me

Sue Me Book Cover

A collectables craze. A deadly secret. Only one woman is willing to fight back.

Sue Logan will do anything for her family. The single mom’s startup is her best chance for earning a living, but a secret she learns along the way might put her and her bank account out of business. Everyone Sue knows is obsessed with collecting an extremely popular plush toy. Except the toy could be deadly, and Sue may be the only one who realizes it…

When a billionaire toy manufacturer tries to run Sue out of business, she enlists the help of a shady journalist to save herself and her children. But can Sue trust the reporter long enough to outwit the corporate giant before the unthinkable happens?

Sue Me is a legal suspense thriller. If you like fast-paced drama, strong female characters, and the movie Erin Brockovich, then you’ll love this refreshing debut novel from Pamela Laux Moll.

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