Island of Lies

Island of Lies Book Cover

Two survivors. One island. No one to trust…

Ryleigh Lane desperately needed a vacation. The whistle-blower is about to appear in court to go up against a corrupt pharmaceutical exec. If she’s successful, the case will reveal a deadly secret. Shortly before the trial, a carefree cruise with her new boyfriend, Elliot, changes everything. A sudden storm leaves them stranded alone on a tiny island.

Elliot Finn is incredibly mysterious… and completely sexy. His resourcefulness helps Ryleigh get through the early days on the island. But as they fight for survival, Ryleigh realizes they’re both guarding dark secrets.

Romance blooms alongside suspicion. Will this new case put Ryleigh’s life on the line?

Island of Lies is the first book in the Survival Island series, a set of suspenseful thriller novels. If you like sizzling chemistry, riveting suspense, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Pamela Laux Moll’s captivating series starter.

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