Boats, Bunnies and Bodies

Boats, Bunnies and BodiesOne Frame Job, Two Dead Bodies, and a Dash of Easter Bunny Assault.

While handing out home-baked samples as the Easter Bunny, a momentary lapse in judgment sends the fist of struggling cafe owner Molly Brewster into a stranger’s face and lands her fluffy tail behind bars. At first, the altercation seemed like a sugary morsel of publicity. But then, the man she punched turns up dead, roasting her backside in even hotter trouble.

To get her name off the suspect list, Molly sheds her bunny costume, grabs her loyal Labrador, and dons her sleuthing cap. But just when she thinks she has everything under control, another murder points to her temperamental business partner, threatening to take her and her business down.

Can Molly figure out the web of deception before the body count multiplies again?

Boats, Bunnies, and Bodies is the second delightful installment in the Holidays Are Murder cozy mystery series. If you like clever female sleuths, small-town drama, and killer recipes, you’ll love Pam Moll’s tasty tale.

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