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“In this action packed novel, PLUSH, a small town toy maker Sue Logan uncovers a secret about Nathanael Yorkston´s soon to be released toy-of-the-decade: it can be deadly.”

PLUSH is about a toy designer, Sue Logan, who is being pursued by a billionaire, toy magnate, Nathanael Yorkston because he fears that the small town entrepreneur uncovered his secret, potentially deadly secret, about his must have toy of the decade.

When Yorkston suspects that competitor Sue Logan, has figured out a secret about his products, he has his legal teams pursue Sue and her company with frivolous lawsuits and an unscrupulous buyout. When Sue turns down a risky proposition to join forces with her competition she runs across some formidable obstacles, threatening her company, family, and friends.

While Yorkston is trying to take Sue and her company out of the picture, Sue is scrambling trying to confirm the dangers of the plush toys- before their big announcement date that would place the toys in the hands of thousands. In a race against time that takes Sue from Hong Kong, to China, to Boston , to New York , Sue Logan is on the chase of her life.

In this David versus Goliath match-up, Logan Enterprises’ small town Texan lawyer is pitted against big wig Yorkston lawyers in legal scene after legal scene.

Sue, a young widow, begins to fall for Daniel; a business consultant that helped her in China, but Yorkston’s keeps them apart. Her life slowly spins out of control.

A madcap, Siberian husky dog-loving chemist, a maverick, sharp-tongued Texan lawyer, a nefarious Mafioso comrade, an unsavory, intrepid story-hungry reporter, tattooed Chinese plant sweatshop workers and millions of plush toys are only some of the denizens of PLUSH, an action-packed novel by Pamela Laux Moll.

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