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Meet Author Pam Moll, Written by Elizabeth McCabe, Interview by Melanie Simon, Tierra Verde Resident

“To be an author, you need to read a lot,” says published author Pam Moll. She has published six books now and is proud to sell her books on Amazon and retail outlets.

She is the popular author of the Survival Island Suspense Series. These include Girl Alone on an Island, and Diamond Island. Her first book, Island of Lies, captivates readers as two passengers are stranded on an island for 30 days. They discover the truth about their relationship and learn about each other in the process. Her second book details the adventures of the girl alone on the island and the final book in the series recounts their journey from Florida back to the island in search of a lost treasure. .

Pam is also the author of a cozy mystery series featuring Peppermint Mocha Murder, which tells of a budding romance of a murder suspect and a cop. Pam creates lifelike characters that her readers can relate to and even ties in tidbits of Tierra Verde into her work. Look for references in her book, such as Addicted to the Bean, Tierra Verde Marina, Ft De Soto Park and Island Grill.

What’s the secret to her success? Early morning writing! Pam gets up before the sun rises to write. She is an avid reader, reading a book a week. Pam’s books are read by beta readers before they ever make it to the press. She relies on the feedback from her street team and her editor to hone her skill and produce a polished piece. She is also part of the Florida Writers Association and the Dallas Fort Worth Writers Association, where she used to live.

Pam came to Florida several years ago and settled in the local area. Prior to becoming a writer, she owned her own toy manufacturing company in the late 1990s – 2000s. She created novelty gifts and toys as well as trivia calendars which were sold to retailers. With her ingenuity, Pam even made a Beanie Baby calendar one year that she sold to Barnes and Noble. In addition, Pam has 20 patents for toys and novelty gifts. Borders carried her calendars in the past and Hallmark and Museum shops sold her products.

When she sold her company, someone told her, “You should write a book.” That’s exactly what she did. Originally, her intent was to write a non-fiction book about the toy-making business, especially since people often asked her about her travels to China for her career. Her non-fiction book evolved into a fiction book.

When she isn’t writing, Pam likes running, boating, reading, and spending time with her husband and her five kids – three boys and two girls.

Pam jokes, “My goal is to get my books noticed in a sea of 4,000,000 books without getting eaten by a shark, or stung by a stingray – or drowning!”

Check out Pam’s books on Amazon. You’ll be glad that you did!