What Discount could be better than FREE?

There are discounts these days on everything!

Discounts for Seniors, Discounts for Teachers, Discounts for Students, Military discounts, The Sales Tax discounts, Groupons, Christmas in July discounts, and so on. So, I thought … why not offer an Eclipse discount?

We are in between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse – often referred to as “eclipse season” in the astrological world. We just had a lunar eclipse, and I decided to have some fun and offer an eclipse discount until the next eclipse on August 11th.

I have a special Eclipse discount up to 100% off FIVE Books. That means they are FREE!

Starting August 3rd – August 7th, 2018, the following e-books will be available on Amazon for Free:

From August 8th – August 11th, the discount will go from 100% (Free) to 40% off – so why wait? Download now and save 100% on these e-books today!

If you’re left in the dark, at least you’ll have a good book to read. Order a free e-book to read today and save with the Eclipse Discount.

In exchange for a free book, please leave a positive review on Amazon and Good Reads after you download the e-books for no costs.

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